​Chanter une Chanson (Sing a Song) Foundation hosts a 5K Run every second week of October.  Location is announced a month prior and registration is available online.  The 5K Run brings public awareness to the mission statement of the Foundation and proceeds go toward the winners of the Tea Time Talent Show in March.



The Annual Chanter une Chanson (Sing a Song) Holiday Fundraiser will be held every December. Each December we will hold a Holiday Dinner to raise money for the Tea Time Talent Show.  We hope to feature themed dinners in order to attract public interest to our cause. 


Every May we will hold our Tea Time Talent Show for the talented youth in the community!  This showcase will empower local youth with confidence, poise and pride.  They will be able to display their talents to Industry Judges and have a chance to win cash and prizes.


Chanter une Chanson (Sing a Song) Foundation Music Festival will be held every July.  This festival will showcase the winner of the Tea Time Talent Show and world renowned performers such as Singers, DJs and Dancers.